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Within the experiment of new mechanisms of modern irrigation, the Governor of the New Valley inspects the first agricultural project using the most advanced irrigation system all over the world Floppy Sprinkler system.

Major General Muhammad Al-Zamlout, Governor of the New Valley, started his tour in Abu Minqar, Farafra to inspect the first agricultural investment project applies Floppy Sprinkler system for the cultivation of various crops. As he praised the use of the new mechanisms of modern irrigation, stressing the need to pay attention to modern irrigation systems that reduce water wastage and achieve the highest productivity, in order to maximize the use of every drop of water.

He assigned the governorate’s agriculture and irrigation directorates to prepare a comparative study of water consumption between Floppy Sprinkler system and other sprinkler systems, with the aim of switching to use the most feasible system. He also directed the implementation of the experiment in the village of Abu al-Hol in Farafra, on an area of 10 acres, divided equally between the governorate and the people, in preparation for its generalization.

Hopefully to sign a protocol between the governorate and Green Eagle Tech, the company executing the project, to plant 50 acres in Abu Minqar, with the production being a permanent endowment for Abu Minqar’s poor residents.

It is worth mentioning that Floppy Sprinkler system is the latest irrigation system all over the world, with a sustainability of 25 years.