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Green Eagle is an Egyptian company that seeks to be a pioneer in the field of sustainable agriculture development, rain irrigation technology, and renewable energy systems to achieve the principal of sustainability.

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Our Beginning

The company was established in March 2016 AD to meet the needs of the solar energy market distinctly. The company focused on quality and after-sales service, where the company started and specialized in the supply, installation and maintenance of all solar energy systems and was the first specialized company in Upper Egypt. Through the company’s work in various solar energy systems, we concluded that one of the most important and best applications of solar energy is water pump systems in farms, as we were able in the first year to help more than 37 farmers in saving more than 30% of their expenses, which were spent on breakdowns, fuel and maintenance of traditional generators.

Through its distinguished work and direct contact with large and small farmers, the company noticed that the traditional irrigation methods that do not save water contradict the economic feasibility of the solar energy system, as the consumption of a large amount of water requires a large amount of solar energy, which raises the cost of the solar power plant.

Therefore, it is necessary to think and search for the best water-saving irrigation system, in 2018, the company added an irrigation department. After research, we reached the best irrigation system in the world that saves water and energy, which is the Floppy Sprinkler system (rain irrigation), and the exclusive agency for the rain irrigation system in Egypt was obtained and solar energy was combined with rain irrigation, as an extension of the company’s goals to achieve the principle of sustainability and obtain the best irrigation system sustainable in Egypt and we got an award for that.
The company adopts the initiative of developing traditional irrigation systems and converting them to work with solar energy in a way that benefits the user by reducing operating costs to a minimum, which many in the agricultural sector suffer from.

After that, cooperation was made with specialists from the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation and the concerned authorities to evaluate the experiences of the innovative system, and official certificates were obtained confirming the significant and effective saving of water, energy, fertilizers and pesticides. Then we noticed some problems with the use of iron & wood poles, whether in the rain irrigation system, green houses, or even with trees, such as grapes, bananas and mangoes, we noticed the short lifespan, the high cost, the high maintenance, and the extent of the severe damage they cause to the environment, and accordingly it was agreed to transfer the best technology in the world to manufacture pre-stressed concrete poles from Italy to Egypt, and the first factory was established in Egypt and Africa to produce these poles in Egypt by 100% at 2021.

Then we noticed that human errors during the operation processes cause many problems such as lack of production, waste of water and energy, and lack of product quality, so it was thought to make a fully automatic system to operate the entire farm, and to control it accurately through a newly developed system for fully automatic control of the farm .

Our Company has obtained, in a short
period, a Habilitation Certificate issued by New & Renewable Energy Authority


To change the lives of many for the better, And to be one of the world’s leading companies in sustainable agricultural development, and renewable energy systems.


To return to Egypt it’s history, by becoming the basket of the world’s grains, along with Africa, through the optimal exploitation of our natural and human resources.

Investments in agriculture are the best weapons against hunger and poverty, and they have made life better for billions of people.

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