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The Egyptian Prime Minister stated that a number of regions will not be able to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in the presence of the great challenges that they face. All countries must work together to develop strategies and actionable plans to meet these challenges.

During the Cairo Water Week conference, Mostafa Madbouli added that the water sector faces a major challenge of scarcity, this is why the title of the second Cairo Water Week chosen because of its effects on rivers and citizens and the available water quantities, which raises the question of providing water and food, in light of competition between all sectors for water use, and the importance of irrigation systems that will provide water in the best way, according to a Cabinet statement.

He said that the agricultural sector is expected to the most negative impact of water shortage as the largest consumer of this resource, and that many countries in the region share with other countries in water sources, pointing out the importance of cooperation of these countries, with respect, in accordance with the provisions of international law.