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After the success of the first season of planting wheat, barley and alfalfa under the most advanced irrigation system in the world (Floppy Sprinkler) in Egypt, the visits of investors and agricultural scientists continue to inspect the Al-Salhia project.

Silage and rice were first planted in Egypt under Floppy Sprinkler Irrigation System and the results were much better compared to pivot irrigation system.

In addition, Floppy Sprinkler Irrigation System increasing production and saving 30% of water, labor, effort and time.

On Thursday, 9/9/2019 a delegation from China attended to visit Floppy Sprinkler Irrigation System in Al-Salhia who were received by Dr. Said Khalil, Head of Genetic Engineering Department at the Agricultural Research Center, Dr. Shukriya Marrakeshi, the pioneer of non-traditional saline crops in desert in Egypt and Eng. Abdel Qader Hamed, the manager of the first sector of Al-Salhia project.

Dr. Saeed Khalil highlighted the latest updates of Floppy Sprinkler Irrigation System (Rain Simulation) especially in the second season crops (Silage, Rice), explaining how agricultural equipment can pass under this system and many other system features.

He expressed the importance of the experiment to Egypt which will help to resolve many challenges that face agriculture in Egypt such as (water, energy and fertiligation) and other problems facing the farms that may resulting from other irrigation systems.

The project was inspected by Dr. Adel Hiemstra (CEO of Floppy Sprinkler Co.), Eng. Alaa Nabil, Regional Director of Floppy Sprinkler System in the Middle East and North Africa and Eng. Ahmed Al-Sabry (CEO of Green Eagle Tech Co. the exclusive agent of Floppy Sprinkler System in Egypt).