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Dr. Mohamed Al-Quirsh, the official spokesman for the Ministry of Agriculture, said that the area harvested with the wheat crop is expected to reach the end of December from 3.2 to 3.5 million feddans.

He also stressed the importance of using modern irrigation technology to expand the cultivated area of wheat and other strategic crops. He pointed to the importance of using irrigation systems that would save water and energy.

It is worth noting that Floppy Sprinkler irrigation system, the most advanced irrigation system in the world) is one of the systems that save water and energy by up to 35%.

Dr. Mohamed Al-Quirsh continued during a telephone conversation with the media Azza Mustafa with the ” Salat Altahryr” program, which is broadcast on ” sdaa albld ” channel, that new varieties of wheat have been developed, with higher productivity and quality, and that these new varieties are more resistant to diseases.

Al-Quirsh pointed out that the ministry distributed wheat varieties approved by the Ministry of Agriculture to farmers, expressing his hope to be committed to cultivating those varieties by farmers.

Al-Quirsh added that the Ministry of Agriculture distributes the class map of wheat in the governorates that would lead to increase production, as this map distributes crops according to the environment of each governorate.