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Eng. Mahmoud Atta, head of the Central Department of Horticulture and Agricultural Crops at the Ministry of Agriculture, said that 80,000 new greenhouses have been granted licenses this year to citizens and the private sector, where applicants receive licenses within 15 days in the beginning of submitting applications for licenses for greenhouses from the Horticulture Department.

“Greenhouses produce 4 times more than open land and consume  water and fertilizer less than 6 times in open areas,” Atta said. “The greenhouse ensures that a commodity meets the specifications for vegetables and a summer crop in winter,” he said. Nitrogenous or chemical is made by organic fertilizers produced by the Agricultural Budget Fund Authority, Ministry of Agriculture.

Therefore, one of the best irrigation systems for greenhouses is Floppy Sprinkler Irrigation System because it is characterized by an equal distribution of water and provide of fertilizers consummation, as blue Sprinkler System is the best for greenhouses regarding distribution of small amounts of water for a long time which is required for greenhouses.