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Eng. Yasser Taher, the international consultant for Delta Water Company, talks about the experiment of the most advanced irrigation system “Floppy Sprinkler” powered by solar system using Water Magnetic technology (Delta water devices).

He also explained that Water Magnetic technology (Delta water devices) is one of the most advanced devices in the world.

Although the Floppy system was used with water of salinity of 1200 p.p.m, the water magnetic technique has led to:

  • Reduced the surface tension of the water.
  • Very good absorption of the water to the plant.
  • Obtaining green leaves and healthy branches, which led to producing a very healthy crop.
  • In addition, seeds will contain a very high mineral.
  • Increasing productivity and the size of the heads is the best evidence of the success of the first experiment of the latest irrigation system in the world, “Floppy Sprinkler” in Egypt.