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Dr. Shukria Al-Marrakshi, the pioneer of non-traditional saline crops in desert confirms success of the experiment of Floppy Sprinkler Irrigation System which is a very pioneering experiment in the agricultural field. As well she added that “this technology has been implemented for the first time in Egypt, but it already exists all over the world”.

During her Visit to India When she examined the crop under the Floppy system; it was not as good as this crop in Egypt. The Egyptian Results are much better.

She added “this system has achieved savings in water, energy and fertilizers. In addition, this system can last more than 30 years, and it bears very strong winds.

After the great success of Floppy Sprinkler Irrigation System, we will carry out many experiments next year in Farafra, Alwahat and Wadi El Natroun.