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On Thursday, 12/9/2019, the 32nd season of Sahara International Exhibition concluded at Egypt International Exhibition Center in Fifth Gathering with the participation of more than 250 companies from 36 countries representing more than 600 brands, in the presence of a large number of businessmen and agricultural experts.

Egypt is able to organize one of the best exhibitions in Africa and the Middle East. This large exhibition, which was seen by all agricultural experts as a greet event for the agricultural sector in Africa, and the opportunity to create new markets in order to explore the Egyptian market, and to find a real platform to meet the seller and the buyer not only at the local level but also regional, for the benefit of the entire country.

It is worth mentioning that the Sahara exhibition witnessed the presence of a number of Arab and foreign countries such as China, Russia, Italy, India and Saudi Arabia, with the participation of representatives of other countries such as Morocco, Greece, Cyprus, Thailand, Spain, to cover all agricultural fields.

One of the most important of these fields is irrigation systems, in this event was introduced the most advanced irrigation system in the world Artificial Rain (Floppy Sprinkler) through the exclusive agent in the Middle East Green Eagle Tech Company, in addition to other irrigation systems such as pivotal irrigation, solar pumps, fertilizers, pesticides, protected agriculture inputs, seeds with high productivity and disease resistance, in addition to the private sector for the production of livestock (livestock), dairy industry and agricultural materials and applications sector, and all related to the agricultural infrastructure sector, business Post-harvest and agro-industries, sustainable agriculture sector and, finally, agricultural machinery and equipment sector.